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  • Forecast Demo (QuickTime movie) - 03/11/2011 Tohoku tsunami measurements at DARTs near Japan are translated into the wave time histories offshore the Pacific Northwest
  • Cliffs Benchmarking
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    E. Tolkova and H.Tanaka. Tsunami Bores in Kitakami River. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 173(12), 4039-4054 (2016).
    doi: 10.1007/s00024-016-1351-7

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  • Reading East Pacific near Japan in the 2011 tsunami
  • Reading the North American Coast off Peru
  • Could a numerical tsunami match the records well, if it originated in a wrong basin?
  • Cliffs Release / Code Repository
  • Tsunami event in Monterey Bay, CA decomposed in the bay's normal modes
  • Real-time DART de-tiding with EOF filter
  • Tide-predicting filter

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