New book:

E. Tolkova
Tsunami Propagation in Tidal Rivers
Springer, 2018. ISBN 978-3-319-73287-9
  • Presents unique field observations of tsunamis in rivers
  • Focuses on tsunami dynamics in river channels and conditions of tsunami's upriver propagation, as implied by the field evidence
  • Analyses first-ever measurements of a train of shock waves on its upriver journey
  • Describes and investigates tide-tsunami interaction and tsunami wave set-up found in the observations
  • Introduces a new theoretical approach to explaining and/or predicting tsunami and tidal dynamics in rivers
  • Featured topics:

  • Cliffs Release / Code Repository
  • Cliffs Benchmarking
  • Reading East Pacific near Japan in the 2011 tsunami
  • Reading the North American Coast off Peru
  • Could a numerical tsunami match the records well, if it originated in a wrong basin?
  • Tsunami event in Monterey Bay, CA decomposed in the bay's normal modes
  • Real-time DART de-tiding with EOF filter
  • Tide-predicting filter

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